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September 04, 2004



a very interesting "sequence," Holly. I've been struggling with constructing a sequential series of assignments for as long as I can remember--in the comp course. Remember the time we used to start with the word, then the sentence, then the paragraph! Oy.



Building Chronologically:

I can't imagine this will help you with a composition syllabus, but it got me thinking, anyhow.

It's actually rather unfortunate that history is often taught in a strictly chronological way, which I propose is one of the reasons it's so forgettable. Because the development of man throughout history is something that builds upon itself, and only fully makes sense when it is connected by cause and effect to preceding events. WHEN the times of war or peace occured is not nearly so useful or interesting as WHY the rhythms of war and peace beat out as they did. But I think the higher level a history course is, the more likely it is to incorporate both the methods, instead of just the one.

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