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June 11, 2008



I don't have a comment--I wish there were an emoticom for bearing witness. It sounds like you're blocking out (as in planning, not avoiding) what you want to write about but are too understandably exhausted to write in any but a detached way. Sending positive thoughts to you,


Thanks, Joanna. You're right about the detached part--I don't feel like I've dealt with everything on an emotional level yet. My brother, sisters, and other family and friends are getting together next month on the Maine coast to scatter ashes and have a memorial gathering. Perhaps that will help make things seem more real. (And I am planning on taking a seminar on memoir-writing this summer, so you're right about the blocking-things-out aspect.)


I am sitting here weeping at this entry, so touched by your perfectly narrated story of forwards and backs, ups and overs and throughs. It's a mirror to what we did with my husband's father, but didn't have the presence of mind to have an Ethics review--we could only watch his struggle at the edge for another painful 5 weeks.

I've read most of your blog today, another English Teacher Without An Office-type person, another CRWT grad.

Thank you for your writing.


Thanks for the comments, Elizabeth! The thought of yr having to go through five weeks (!!) makes me sick at heart. I am so grateful that my brother is a doctor--without that insider's knowledge of how things work I don't know what I would have done or how I would have gotten through it. He's started to write about the experience himself, hoping that he can educate people about these difficult end-of-life situations.

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